The client is usualy held or cradled in warm water while the therapist stabilizes or moves one segment of the body, resulting in a stretch of another segment due to drag effect.  It is use like massage for both therapy and stress reduction.  Watsu is always performed in a hands-on-manner.
Ai Chi is typically provided in a hand-off-manner and in groups where the Therapist stands on the pool deck to follow visual imaging of complex patterns by the client.
Bad Ragaz Ring Method
A form of active or passive aquatic therapy modeled after the principles and movement patterns of Knupfer exercises and Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation. Bad Ragaz is always performed in a hands-on-manner.  The client is verbally, visualy and/or tactilely instructed in a series of movement or relaxation patterns while horizontally and supported by rings or floats in the water.
Halliwick Method
Form of adapted aquatics which can be modified into actives aquatic therapy.

Hydrokinetics also does Hydrotherapy at the Lusito School for special needs kids at the school's own beautiful pool.

This is all done right through the year in our two indoor heated pools with temperature of 32 - 34 degrees celcius.