AQUATOTS Applied For Special Needs Children

The AQUATOTS PROGRAM is also being used as pediatric hydrotherapy for special needs children. For the special needs child water may be the only environment in which total independence can be attained. All children need to experience active movement if they are to develop. Water as a medium for activity is a most useful means of widening the experience of such children.

 If the exercises can be hidden in an activity that is fun, both the therapeutic and  recreational aspects have been incorporated. The development of breathing control, control of the  head, trunk and limbs and the creation of appropriate movement of these body  parts not only assist in the skill of swimming but considerably enhances body image partial relationships and an awareness of the body as a whole     unit.

Children with Bone disorders, Joint & Muscle  disorders, Neurological & Developmental  disorders, Mental & Behaviour disorders can be helped with AQUATOTS applied for special needs children.